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In September, I devoted an entire issue of the newsletter to “creating a need to talk.” Sometimes we sabotage our efforts by talking too much, or not pausing and giving the child a chance to talk. In this free video you will learn some ways to create more opportunities for your child to talk and indicate his wants, needs and opinions. The information is free and all you have to do is sign in with your first name, email address and city and state where you live. This information is used to track what area people are from who are interested in Learn To Talk Around The Clock. We also want your email so we can notify you when I post new free videos, or when new products are available for you. So go ahead and click on the video. Your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Enjoy the video.

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Welcome to the Learn to Talk Around The Clock website. This website was designed with you in mind. There are sections for Parents, Childcare, Preschool, and Early Intervention. Feel free to visit any and all sections of interest to you.

My goal is for all children to begin school ready to learn, and it all begins with babies! Click on the video to the right and you will learn a little about how Learn To Talk Around the Clock was created and how it has evolved. You will also learn about plans and products to help reach our goal. Enjoy!

NEW gift pack available! The "I Promise to be a Good Parent" book and a lullaby CD are a PERFECT combination for a gift. Currently the lullaby CD included is my Grandson Jack’s favorite by Jewel. Buy it here.!


Do you wonder if you are doing all you can to prepare your child for school? The key is for all babies to have meaningful and loving interactions with a parent or significant caregiver. We can help parents learn to do this!


Do you want to have a childcare facility renowned for children who talk a lot? Learn To Talk Around The Clock at Childcare training materials
can help you do just that!

for Early Intervention

Do you ever wonder if you are doing all you can to help families of children with special needs? Learn about Family Centered Practice and the Coaching method of Early Intervention.


Do you want to leave a lasting legacy in your work with children? Do you want to really impact the development of the children in your care?