A baby begins learning to talk at birth. When immersed in a "surround sound" world of meaningful talk, a baby soaks in language and vocabulary. If everything goes well, at about one year of age the baby begins to talk!  If you want to learn about this extraordinary process, you are in the right place

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Our November selection for Online Book Club is, The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education, What We Know vs. What We Do, by Michael Gramling, Redleaf Press.  Gramling has a very readable writing style. Obviously, from the title, he feels there is a disconnect between what we know from education research and what some do in their teaching.  You be the judge!  Hope you join us for this one!


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for online-workshops and download informational papers.  Karen is currently developing an online seminar covering all aspects of family-centered practice.  Also papers presenting important concepts in early childhood will be available here soon.  Please check back occasionally for new offerings.  Courses will be taught by Karen Rossi, Ed.D., LSLS Cert. AVEd.

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Rossi creates educational products clearly written for a variety of audiences.   Forward-thinking educators and other professionals turn to Rossi for training, coaching, and direction. Each learning opportunity shows Rossi's dedication to a baby's need for loving interactions with parents and caregivers. 
Rossi teaches parents, childcare providers, teachers and administrators that listening and spoken language are the foundation necessary for all children to reach their full potential--in school and life.  Babies must experience loving, verbal interactions from birth!